Bilbo Catcher Toy

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Product Information

The Bilbo Catcher Toy was in practice very similar to the Cup and Ball Toy, also played by early pioneer children.  However, it was a much more difficult concept and required more patience and practice to master.  The goal is to swing the ball up in the air, while holding the wooden rod, and then catch it on either side of the rod.  On one end of the wooden rod there is an indention, used to catch and balance the ball on the end of the string.  This end is not a cup, as is the case with its sister toy.  Therefore, it is much more challenging to catch the ball just right.  The other end of the rod is used by the true professionals to catch the ball.  This end is narrower and fits in a whole drilled in the wooden ball.  You must catch the ball just right to get it to land on the stem.